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Yamaha Reface CP - Sintetizator - Pian de scena

Yamaha Reface CP - Sintetizato...
Its design is living proof: The reface CP is a spiritual successor of the unique stage keyboards of the 70s. It brings emotional and powerful vintage sounds into today’s mobile world without any...

Pret: 1872.00 RON

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Yamaha Reface DX - Sintetizator FM

Yamaha Reface DX - Sintetizato...
Our groundbreaking FM synthesizers shaped the sound of the 80’s like no other electronic instrument. With the reface DX, all these legendary sounds are back in the 21st century – ready for...

Pret: 1872.00 RON

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Yamaha Reface YC - Sintetizator Orga

Yamaha Reface YC - Sintetizato...
Rich, punchy sounds are its area of expertise: The reface YC offers additive synthesis paired with a unique power of expression using nine drawbars and virtual rotary speakers. The instrument combines...

Pret: 1872.00 RON

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Yamaha Reface CS - Sintetizator

Yamaha Reface CS - Sintetizato...
With the legendary Yamaha Control Synthesizer series, introduced in 1976, music history was written by artists like Vangelis, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. In keeping with tradition, the reface C...

Pret: 1872.00 RON

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he Access Virus TI Snow is probably the only virus you''d want near your computer. This tiny synth engine gives your DAW a powerful, portable sonic companion, able to access over a thousand sounds wit...

Pret: 4642.20 RON

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GEM GMX - B-Stock - Modul sunet

GEM GMX - B-Stock - Modul sune...
Produs expus in magazin. Polyphony 64 notes max. Memory 64 MB Sounds 247 PCM-physical model sounds stero/mono Multiparts 16 parts Performances 99 Effects 6 Reverbs: Room - small, medium, large; Hall ...

Pret: 1345.50 RON

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KORG XVP-10  Volume pedal

KORG XVP-10 Volume pedal...
751.50 Ron

YAMAHA Clavinova CLP525 Black Walnut/Dark Rosewood - Pian digital

YAMAHA Clavinova CLP525 Black ...
5845.50 Ron

BOSTON KBT-114-E husa sintetizator

BOSTON KBT-114-E husa sintetiz...
108.00 Ron

BOSTON ACB-3034 husa acordeon

BOSTON ACB-3034 husa acordeon...
315.00 Ron

BOSTON SH-100-9 cablu midi

BOSTON SH-100-9 cablu midi...
28.80 Ron

YAMAHA PSRE243 - Claviatura cu aranjor

YAMAHA PSRE243 - Claviatura cu...
643.50 Ron